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MagnaStarŽ Digital Phone System


The MagnaStarŽ digital telephone system provides a complete communication package designed specifically for corporate and regional aviation.

Offering global calling capabilities, MagnaStarŽ allows your flight crew and cabin passengers to make airborne or ground calls from and to anywhere in the World. Wherever you fly, you will never be out of touch again!

All the features of a corporate phone system
A full-featured communication package, MagnaStarŽ delivers voice, information, and fax capabilities in one easy-to-use and reliable system. Either on the ground or in the air, MagnaStarŽ users can make conference calls, multiple calls, seat-to-seat and cabin-to-cockpit interphone calls. They can receive incoming calls, and even store frequently called numbers for easy speed dialing. Each handset contains a special noise-canceling microphone to eliminate aircraft cabin noise and guarantee clear communications. View all MagnaStarŽ key features.

A flexible and comprehensive cabin communications package
The MagnaStarŽ standard system includes an Air Radio Telecommunications Unit (ARTU), an antenna, a duplexer that combines transmission and reception to/from the antenna, a mounting tray, telephone handsets, and a cabin distribution bus repeater that connects the cabin handsets and the digital LAN together. You can also add optional system components, select your handset styles and colors to design the phone installation that is right for you. All MagnaStarŽ options and components are detailed in our MagnaStarŽ product catalog.

Easy installation in any aircraft
MagnaStarŽ can be installed in virtually any airborne environment. The telephone system is designed for installation in both pressurized and non-pressurized locations, therefore minimizing wiring runs.

Full Support
Our service doesn't stop after the system is installed as we are committed to providing total customer service. For more information, please review our MagnastarŽ Support section.

MagnaStar® Latest Updates
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MagnaStarŽ is a registered trademark of Raytheon.

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